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Rodchenko School

Here are the documentary photos I took while studying at the Rodchenko School.
Mostly portraits of students and teachers.

[2012] [2013] [Sokol'niki] [Vienna, 2014] [Leipzig, 2017]

☆ ☆ ☆

tonight i fly to vienna. the plane will take me to budapest and in a few hours the bus will take me to vienna. in vienna i will participate in our collective exhibition, i will show subway prints, present the book “man and the sea” about the beach, and lead a small workshop with my comrades. i am going to visit museums and take a good walk around the city, sit in pastry shops with coffee and cakes

i uploaded the vienna travel guides on my ipad. i had the opportunity to make and show a book about madhouse, but i did not have time, because i felt bad for a few days, and now the condition is not particularly good. my mom helped a lot, helped me pack a bag and gave me a lot of money “for food and clothes”

the last time i went abroad was in 2001 (if you don't count egypt, where i went crazy in 2003), and also in vienna. my uncle worked there at that time at the embassy and i visited him together with my cousin sasha and his girlfriend ayuna. we were leaving in the morning and the night before i went for a walk in the city. i drank two bottles of beer, a bloody mary and half a bottle of whiskey and went for a walk. at 1 am i found myself in the city center and i was lucky to catch the last bus which happened to go straight to the embassy on the edge of the city

polovinkina told me to find my girlfriend in vienna and not come back

anyway, i hope for some success with my book and maybe another exhibition, which in general is not bad, but not very good either

(and an old photo of me with my glasses that i broke)


☆ ☆ ☆

well, i'm in budapest. at the exit of the local airport i met the girls from the rodchenko school. it turned out that we were on the same plane. we went together to the city center, and then we went our separate ways. they will stay here for several days, while i will take a bus to vienna in three hours. the city is very (i do not know how to say) well organized. i am pleased with the people, even the local homeless, and the architecture. here is a different light and space. i was stunned when i saw the dismembered corpse of putin in my luggage. in fact putin is contraband and i didn't take any putin with me. immediately i wanted to leave moscow for somewhere abroad and didn't want to go back home. i walked and drew parallels. for example the air here is quite clean and there is no violence. two people near the quay offered to smoke a joint with them, i refused. it seems that no one wants to kill me


☆ ☆ ☆

in three hours (yesterday) a bus (with wifi) took me to vienna. i took the metro to the hostel, threw my things and went to karlsplatz to buy clothes. all the stores were closed for some reason. i went to a cafe for dinner and some indian guy came on to me. i went to a cafe for dinner, and there was this indian guy who chased me. he said he had had a rough couple of years but that i was going to have a lot of luck in july. he wanted to read my palm and kept talking and talking, but when i told him i wouldn't pay, he got very upset and left. i went for a walk for a while and went to the hotel to sleep off as i hadn't slept for 24 hours today i woke up at 8. there were two chicks sleeping in the beds next to me. i got ready and went to breakfast. after breakfast i went to the museums, where i visited a museum mumok. i know nothing about modern art. i bought three photo albums on sale. now i'm going to drink coffee and get some clothes.


☆ ☆ ☆

and i would also like to say that i am happy to smoke real short (with filter) gitanes


☆ ☆ ☆

i bought new shorts, a polo shirt, and a hoodie. i'm sitting on the first floor in the hotel lobby waiting for diana grigorieva to get in touch. she should be in vienna by now, but i can't get through to her.


☆ ☆ ☆

yesterday we met up with diana. we went to drink wheat beer in some restaurant. dima came over, we finished our beer and went somewhere. we ended up visiting dima and katya and the five of us sat on the balcony drinking wine and eating cheese. we discussed photographers and directors. dima led the way and two or three times led us in the wrong direction.

diana went to her hotel, and dima and i walked to our hostel from the streetcar stop. we arrived late.

in the room (already about 1 am) i quietly took a shower and set the alarm on my ipad. i put it on the side of the bed and after about five minutes it fell off the bed. and i couldn't get it out. i started laughing - i imagined how in the morning at 9 am the alarm goes off on my ipad, i can't turn it off and wake everyone up.

so i went to bed


the ipad played quietly in the morning and to my joy it did not wake up anyone except me.

in the morning we all got ready and went to the store “everything for artists”. it was a huge hangar the size of half of ashan. i bought oil pastels and paper. i will start painting in the new apartment. i had breakfast. we sat and drank coffee. we got ready and went to a museum. i went to the leopold museum today. i saw a lot of beautiful paintings there and i think i realized how far away i am from “all that”. it seems that god help me make a heel sculpture of some beautiful cathedral in europe. and tsereteli i would have put a bucket on my head. danila found me on the -1st floor of the museum and the two of us went to meet katya. we met and went swimming together in the danube. it was very hot. bikini-less old women were shaking their tits. we ate hummus and bread, drank beer and went swimming. then i went for coffee. then we got ready and went to the hostel, and danila and katya to their place. i chatted with my mom on skype. i talked a bit with my roommates. then the nine of us went to visit danila and katya.

i see something like a dismembered putin every day, but i don't understand and forget.


☆ ☆ ☆

when i woke up today, everyone had already left. to the gallery. i got ready, had breakfast, looked up the address on the internet. gallery hilger next. took the metro to the center and found the gallery. they told me that it was not the gallery i wanted and gave me the address of the gallery i wanted. i got to the right station, it was one stop from the hostel. i asked for directions. they sent me in the opposite direction. i took a streetcar for two stops and walked to the wrong place. the guys were hanging their photos. i took mine out, put them on the floor, nastya and i (our curator) picked a show and i went to hang it up. i did it. i played “pin the spots” — i swapped a few cards around and approved it. then the four of us went to eat: me, nastya, kirill and daria. i ordered sausages, which i didn't like. nastya bought 12 bottles of water and i dragged them up to the gallery with great difficulty. i looked at the web. i went for a coffee and a croissant. our wonderful lena kasimova was by the gallery. i took some photos with her.

it's evening and the opening is soon. and hannes arrived... with books! the book is wonderful! i won't say anything more, but i will show you the photos. this is actually what the news is about. i. orlov is now the author of a real book about the sea


☆ ☆ ☆

i keep you informed. early this morning the six of us (five students who received the grant and nastia khoroshilova - our supervisor) left vienna for bratislava, the capital of slovakia, in a cab paid for by rossocooperation. in the bratislava house of photography we spoke — told about our projects to an audience of about 30 people. after finishing, we had a cup of coffee and we all got a ride to vienna.

when i came back, i bought great sandals and a bunch of clothes for no money at all (clothes!). had a couple of cups of coffee and went back to the hostel.

i don't think i'll be going out tonight. i just had a chinese guy check in!


☆ ☆ ☆

yesterday from 10 to 20 (and today will go until 18) the viennese photobook festival took place. there are a lot of tables full of books on the three floors of the gallery. our table is on the third floor.

there are publications such as tashen and phaidon, many small publishers, stores, and photography schools.

yesterday it was kudelka and badger. today it was hornstra (i missed everything). the sales are not so good. yesterday i only sold three books. plus i traded one and i gave one book to joseph kudelka. kudelka promised that he would look into it.

i met a publisher. hannes has commented very well on my book several times. he says it is “full” and has a very good rhythm and beautiful text. maybe he will publish it


☆ ☆ ☆

the viennese photobook festival ended today. it was the reason to go to vienna. i sold four books, sold one at cost price, exchanged two and gave two as gifts. in the book there are 80 black and white photos and 25 pages of text.

all the two days there was terrific music on the second-floor balcony. in the end kraftwerk was playing.

i will bring books by cartier bresson, paolo pellegrin, antoine d'agata, martin parr, a book by a girl called penny and a book about the negro community, i don't remember the author. i wanted to bring the book by mikhailov about salt lake for mukhin, but the book is very big, i just do not have enough space.

today sasha auer came to the festival with a child. she bought my book at no cost. sasha looked at all our books and we had a cup of coffee. sasha advised to go to the mountain and walk along the canal.

my impressions of the festival are positive. i had a lot of fun and experiences. i showed my cards to a lot of people.

will be writing more. will be here on monday, tuesday and wednesday. three full days. will be leaving on thursday evening



☆ ☆ ☆

yesterday vera barkalova woke me up. she was not supposed to wake me up before 12, but at half past 11 she miraculously came into the room, woke me up, left her photos and left. i had a special assignment from jibutti intelligence (with the right to kill). vera asked me to help her with the help of diana to send her works to moscow.

i had my morning coffee and went to meet diana. i waited for a while and she came. we had coffee in a cafe in the museums quarter, then went to a photo booth. there for 2 euros cartier-bresson takes 4 photos. we took 4 and then 4 more. we shared. then we ate frozen yogurt. then diana grigoreva went to the hotel to get her things and i stayed to protect verina's painting from the zimbabwean mob.

diana came and i saw her off to the train. i gave her the cargo, we said goodbye and i walked around the city till evening. i watched the art-house masterpiece vampire academy and went to bed.

i finally got some sleep tonight. went to the history museum. there are a lot of good paintings, but i saw one or two. thanks for that.

drank coffee and had apfelstrudel.

walked along the viennese canal.

finished almost all five films. walked around keplerplatz.

talked to my mom on skype.

now i'll finish watching jarmusch's broken flowers and go downstairs to watch soccer and cheer for our people


☆ ☆ ☆

today is my second-last day in vienna, tomorrow i'm leaving. i bought a pair of black leather lacoste shoes (my mom insisted, she even sent money for the shoes). the shoes are nice, but it's embarrassing for my mom, it's time to earn my own money.

i also made a little sabotage - i stole the latch of the bag i bought here, and i lost mine.

and then i made a little diversion - i stole the latch from the bag i bought here, i lost mine. it was very offensive and i wanted to fix it.

so i stayed at the hotel all day. i only went outside to get some fresh air.

it is strange, but i missed moscow. tomorrow evening i take a bus to budapest and from budapest a plane to my home capital.


☆ ☆ ☆

i flew in today, so yesterday i left my things in the special room after checking out of the hostel and went to belvedere. i found nothing interesting there, but i drew parallels with the movie “hard to be god”. royalty lived separately from all the trash. whether there was trash and how it all was in those days in general is another question.

by 3 p.m. i arrived at the bus station and waited till 5 for the bus. i took the bus to budapest, then the subway to the subway terminus in budapest and from there i took the same bus to the airport.

i had a panic attack or something. i was waiting for the check-in. i drank a cup of coffee while i was waiting.

i had two bags — one with wheels and the other an ordinary big bag from the store. when it was my turn to go to the check-in, the woman behind the counter said that the bag should be taped up properly. i took out the tape and taped it up as best i could. the woman behind the counter sent me to the man who professionally tapes up any bag and completely. i went to the exchange office, looked — my wallet was gone, and i was cheating — it seemed that i had no time at all.

i went down to the first floor and went to the cafe where i took the espresso. a fat lady salesgirl handed me my wallet. i was saved!

i exchanged my money and they wrapped a plastic bag around me, leaving only room for a pen.

i went through the check-in and came to the customs. the customs lady saw two bottles — apricot schnapps — a gift for my sister, and pumpkin oil for my uncle. sadly, they had to be thrown in the trash. the alternative was to hand the backpack in the baggage check-in, and that cost 30 euros plus it would have to be sealed — another 10.

strangely enough, after customs they sold bottles of liquor in the duty-free shop and i never understood why i couldn't take what i had thrown away on the plane with me.

i got really nervous and walked past the duty free. after the dismembered putin, i started to see burning planes.

next everyone was let into another line and all the passengers were standing in a large hangar and i didn't like it there.

then everyone got on the plane and took off.

on the plane i drank a shot of whiskey and finished watching “hard to be god” by herman, which i started watching back in moscow and continued on the bus “vienna-budapest”. the movie made a strong impression. the voices in my head told me that it had 50,000 pictures in it.

i flew to moscow, got my luggage, my mother met me in the car and we drove home. she loved the scarf i brought for her.

i went to pyotr krimerman, my neighbor, and gave him, the old man, a book.

and now i don't know, i'm really sleepy because i haven't slept in 24 hours, but i think i'll go to shr - i'll show the book to mukhin.

then maybe go to gorky park to take pictures of the trimester assignment and come home very tired. and go to bed.

i brought a lot of clothes, 2.5 kg of coffee and a block of gitanes, and 29 books. my mother said that the main thing is that i brought myself. and the fact that i lost my cap on the road or that i had to throw away two bottles is not the main thing


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