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19/16 Butyrskaya

19/16 Butyrskaya Street is my home address for the most part of my life. 3 rooms. I'm in 11 metres square — all the time. In the past.

The house is “on the shore of Dmitrovsky highway” and in recent years cars have become very annoying, you could hear them too well while they were furrowing my brain with their tyres.

Each year it became more and more cramped.

Flat 16 had been my family home for a long time. Khrushchev building, fourth floor, staircase.

When I was at school and going to school early in the morning, there were occasional bums on the stairs. They smelled awful. I would gently step over them or climb over the railing and go on my way.

Before selling the flat, I asked my family to look back at how we used to live here. While they were thinking, I took these nine photos, I mean more, but I chose these.

It's a little photo story about saying goodbye to the old flat.

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