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Rodchenko School

Here are the documentary photos I took while studying at the Rodchenko School.
Mostly portraits of students and teachers.

[2012] [2013] [Sokol'niki] [Vienna, 2014] [Leipzig, 2017]

In 2017, Nastia Khoroshilova chose me and a few other guys — students of the Rodchenko School — to travel to Leipzig for the f/stop photography festival.

I suspect I stole some pencils. Twelve pieces in pastel colors. Or they were given to me as a gift. Well, I mean, I bought them and was happy about it for a long time. I still have them. It's a pity I don't draw for a long time.

But I'll continue. The last drawing is very good. I don't know how to continue.

I almost sold one of my pictures in Leipzig for some money.

And on the last day, Nastia said we'd won. I never found out who we won and why.

But the works of our group were not returned to us. Orlov exhibited cards from a series about the Moscow subway, hand prints.

On this trip I almost didn't take any pictures, but I did take some — I'm a photographer, after all!

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