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Four shootings with Daria

Three photos from two films of 12 frames each. And after that a lot of text and pictures.

Moscow, 2019

Daria and her future husband Kirill

We were in the same stream, in the same course of mysterious television journalism 😱. Not only that, we separately “graduated” from the same externship 👇.

Sometimes Daria got fat and sometimes she got thin, which says a lot about her. 💙💙💙

She is now a mom of three daughters. She is engaged in dancing. For a long time now with her husband Kirill, father of two girls out of three.🔔🔔

I told you — “Need to know html ☀” so we are less like each other. 🐊

Then I got out of the asylum and that same day I got high on spice. I didn't know what it was and I haven't tried it since. I smoked it, it didn't work, so I smoked some more. I drew the spirit with a pencil 👻. By the middle of the night I realised, that I wasn't there. A little later I remembered that Daria and Kirill were getting married that day. It made me fucking sick, but I got ready in time and drove. It was a long and difficult drive to get there. I had my Bessa and some tapes with me. I got to the address. Everyone went to the registry office together. I was still absent, acting strangely, and it was hard to concentrate. The film is black and white. I slowly took pictures. I took pictures of Vassilisa, Daria's eldest daughter, as Jonathan Davis, and I tried my best. At the table I went out for a smoke every three minutes. I barely made it home, my destination was the bathroom. The next day I went back to the hospital.

So I decided to put the pictures from Daria and Kirill's wedding on this page. I had a thought that the cards had been stolen. I really can't find them with me. 😪

Daria and I were friends at the institute. For a little while I was in love with her ♡. Neither she nor I got on television.

Daria has several tattoos. One of them is Lain, a character from an iconic Japanese anime, on her left forearm. A flower on her armpit. Daria loves her tattoos. 🔥

It's 4:11 p.m., and by about 5 p.m. Daria will be at my house for the photo shoot. I've got some props ready. A doctor's mask, a Zenith camera belt, a white glove, and a Jock. Jock is a rabbit made for me by my older sister, Olya. [upd. No props needed from the word “at all”] Sunset in 17 minutes 🕒.

When I feel bad, I can call Dasha and talk. She tells me what assholes everyone around me is and what to do about it all 📵.

This will be our second “camera” shoot. I shot two films on Grisha's Hassel. I don't have it, sorry Grisha 👀.

Today I will be giving Dasha a hard time with my digital Japanese X-Pro1. 🤷

What will turn out — I don't know, as usual. I don't want to repeat anyone. There is an idea this time to work on the flaws and imperfections. Whether Daria will be naked or not, I don't know. 💀

Let it be as it is… and also, and also, I also want to have one model 💯 or more — like Ellen von Unwerth.

☆ ☆ ☆

And remember, I was supposed to be Asa and study at Oxford! ☝🏿

☆ ☆ ☆

After the shoot I have nothing to say, the thought is, “You're pregnant! It's temporary! But you can't!” — visited my evil head and that means I've reached the ultimate enlightenment again, just kidding. It was fun and hard. Daria did everything as I said and posed herself. At first she didn't want to bare her breasts. After the shoot, Daria said she was uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Neither was I. But I'm used to it. I'm not a clown and filming is often a buzzkill for me, but also painful and stressful. 📸

I haven't photographed non-commercially in a year and a half and the comeback is successful, I believe, after looking at the photos. I should open my own glossy magazine. Daria is internally very beautiful and it shows in my photos. I love her. And we'll go on. There is a silver lining in the fact that horoscope women love me more as a purely human person than as a “partner”. And I'll find my woman. Someday. I would like to in this life ⌚ (I'm already 38).

Apparently, it took that year and a half for the Rodchenko School to calm down inside me so that I could continue to do my work. Work not in a bad way, as I was used to saying 🧑‍💼.

I now work in a business close to a drug business, I help a friend sell bongs, tubes, vaporizers. The friend says it's the same as selling vodka glasses 🚬.

And I count today as a starting point for my own, photographic work. What I did before, I will continue, in a new way, preserving the old. Something will be gone, but there will be new, even better than before. In any case, in the real work of a photographer, as I see it, there is something to lose and something to find. There are photographers who say that you can make only one photo in a lifetime, and this saying is an unsolvable riddle for me, also because they say that you can make none or, well, maximum two. «⏯»

☆ ☆ ☆

How is Peter Krimerman in the afterlife? How many pictures did he take? 📶

12 ноября, 2021

The shooting with Daria is over. 🏁

I chose 26 out of 700+ photos and then I thought about it and added 18 more, I deleted something and got 37, made color, reduced and watermarked to avoid stealing 🔑.

[upd.] I left 14 photos for publication, in chronological order

The first photo is a “hello” to Helmut Newton 🛑. I don't know what to write next, and do I have to? It was a good nude, and the pictures should speak for themselves.

It turned out that somewhere more idea from Daria, somewhere more from me. What is “an idea” anyway ♡

After the shoot, I showed Daria the raw previews. She said she didn't recognize herself in the cards. I think she posed really well. We didn't take a single photo like they teach in the “150 nude poses for a photographer” books. Any coincidences are random ️.

After the shoot, Dasha was uncomfortable. And I didn't feel good either — as was said earlier. In fact, we ended when the shooting should start. At the most interesting moment, when you start to go over the edge. Daria insisted that she wasn't filming any further and needed to go home to her daughters. That was the end of it. 🤮

We agreed that for the next shoot I would clear out the white table and pour a hot bath. 🛁

After many viewings I thought, and still don't understand, is what came out vulgar or art? 💔

15 november, 2023

⬆️ Three photos removed at the request of the model. New ones have been uploaded in their place.

⬆️ If you read this text and look at the photos and think something like “why is this?” We've been planning this shoot for about six months. We shot it. And now I definitely want to say that I don't know “why” at all ⌛.

17 february, 2023

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